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Johnny Depp names his favourite books of all time

Johnny Depp is getting ready for a comeback after his recent legal battle against Amber Heard, which became a subject of intense discussion on the internet. Since then, Depp has been participating in various projects and is ready to return to the world of cinema with a starring role as King Louis XV.

Over the years, many have cited Depp as one of his generation’s best actors. His unique sensibilities have been deeply informed by other artists, including music icons such as Patti Smith and filmmakers like Jim Jarmusch. In addition, the actor also revealed his favourite literary masterpieces in an interview.

When asked about the works of art that moved him the most, Depp did not hesitate to throw around the names of titans like Bob Dylan and Tom Waits. Although music is a chief influence on him, the actor also draws from an eclectic selection of books and poetry, which ranges from the Beat Generation to Russian literature.

While talking about The People’s Act of Love by James Meek, Deep described the work as “a darkly epic, grisly, beguiling journey set amid the frozen tundra of wartime Russia. Delicious prose. Once its dirty claws break skin, that icy death grip won’t be letting go anytime soon. Unforgettable.”

He also highlighted the impact of Jack Kerouac’s writing on his consciousness: “There is nothing I can really say here that hasn’t been said before, or even add to that hasn’t been added. Safe to say, these books are as important to me as they have been to many. Two pivotal, historical works that will never rest happily at home upon a dusty shelf.”

Check out the full list below.

Johnny Depp’s favourite books:

  • The People’s Act of Love by James Meek
  • In the Hand of Dante by Nick Tosches
  • A Season in Hell by Arthur Rimbaud
  • The Wilderness Warrior by Douglas Brinkley
  • The Flowers of Evil by Charles Baudelaire
  • The Ginger Man by J.P.
  • Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas by Hunter S. Thompson
  • On the Road by Jack Kerouac
  • The Illuminations by Arthur Rimbaud
  • Fierce Invalids Home From Hot Climates by Tom Robbins
  • Big Sur by Jack Kerouac
  • The Master and Margarita by Mikhail Bulgakov
  • The Rum Diary by Hunter S. Thompson

One of Depp’s favourite novels is the 20th-century masterpiece The Master and Margarita, an enigmatic work revolving around the surreal conflict between the devil (a religious symbol) and the atheist sociopolitical frameworks of Soviet Russia.

Depp said: “This dark, absurd, and subversive treasure lay hidden for many years, even after Bulgakov’s death, such was the fear of reprisal for such a pointed, authentic stab at life under the tyrannical malevolence of Uncle Joe and the withering Soviet climate of the time.”

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