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Johnny Depp new career plans after defamation trial verdict uneathed

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Johnny Depp is looking on to new career opportunities as the defamation trial verdict looms.

As the jury continues to deliberate the future of the star and ex-wife Amber Heard’s ongoing legal suit, it is reported that Depp is planning to thrive in his career as a musician as soon as the jury outs the result.

Meanwhile, the Pirates of the Caribbean star was spotted performing in London over the weekend with Jeff Beck.

On Beck’s website, Depp is referred to as the musician’s “unexpected co-conspirator,” adding that the pair had “been working on music together for a while now.” Beck added at the time, “You’ll be hearing more from Johnny and me in a little while but until then we hope you find some comfort and solidarity in our take on this Lennon classic.”

It is not established if Depp will quit acting full time to become a musician.

In his testimony in Fairfax Virginia court, Depp declared that his goal is for the truth to be out in public. The actor has sued ex-wife for $50 million for writing an op-ed in 2018, alleging to be a victim of domestic abuse.

“Since I knew there was no truth to it whatsoever, I felt it my responsibility to stand up not only for myself in that instance but stand up for my children, who at the time were 14 and 16.”

Heard in return has sued Depp for $100 million. Their ongoing case will reveal jury verdict in the coming days.

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