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Johnny Depp reciprocates Paris Hilton’s kind gesture

Johnny Depp came out of isolation after he won a lawsuit against Amber Heard recently.

After his court victory, the Hollywood star is currently focusing on his music career.

Johnny Depp on Thursday reached 27 million followers on Instagram as Amber Heard filed to appeal the verdict in the defamation lawsuit which she recently lost to her former husband.

Depp’s Instagram followers have doubled since the trial first began in the lawsuit. Some Hollywood actors and musicians also started following him after he won the case.

The actor who was following 154 till people till Tuesday added one more person to the list of celebrities he is now following.

A look at his account shows that Paris Hilton is the latest addition to the list of people Depp is now following.

It has been noted that Hilton had been the only high profile personality who supported Johnny Depp in the comments section of his posts.

Depp has responded to her gesture by following her back on the Facebook-owned app.

Johnny Depp reciprocates Paris Hiltons kind gesture

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