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Johnny Depp says he will be back after taking rest

Johnny Depp on Thursday thanked his fans for attending his concerts.

Taking to Instagram, he said he and Jeff Beck would rest and will be back soon.

“What a ride.We are thankful to everyone who came out to see us play. Our deepest gratitude to our phenomenal band and out brilliant beloved crew. For now we rest but we will be back,” said the actor while sharing video clip on Instagram.

Fresh off his highly publicized, controversial defamation suit, actor Johnny Depp released an album with English rocker Jeff Beck on July 15.

The 13-track record entitled “18” is largely comprised of covers, with music from artists including the Beach Boys, Marvin Gaye and the Velvet Underground.

The duo met in 2016, bonding “over cars and guitars” before Beck, 77, said he began to appreciate “Depp’s serious songwriting skills and ear for music.”

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