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Johnny Depp: what’s behind the actor’s makeover?

After winning the media defamation lawsuit against his ex-wife Amber Heard, life is smiling again to Johnny Depp, who beyond the economic benefit he will receive, managed to clear his name.

Change of look

Enjoying his new stage, the star of “Charly and the Chocolate Factory” has renewed his image. Now he can be seen shaved, without his characteristic mustache, sporting a much more youthful image.

It was just as he appeared before his fans at a concert with Jeff Beck at the Helsinki Blues Festival in Finland.

What was the reason for this change of look?

On many occasions, a change of image is usually associated with starting a new stage, which in her case sounds very coherent as she is starting a new period in her life, leaving behind one with many bad moments.

The jury’s verdict gave him his life back

“Six years ago my life, my children’s lives, the lives of the people around me and even those who have supported me in my career, changed forever…Six years later the jury gave me my life back, and I am truly grateful,” Depp said after learning of the popular jury’s decision and stated that he felt at peace knowing that the truth had come out.

“Although Depp is relieved by the jury’s verdict, he’s not gloating,” “he just wants his career back,” a source quoted in People as saying.

New projects

Prior to the end of the trial, Johnny Depp began a series of concerts with Jeff Bezz in the UK. Both released a new album, titled 18.

A Disney executive revealed to People magazine that it is “feasible” that he could return to the captain’s skin, although there is no official confirmation.

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