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Johnny Depp’s current net worth after defamation trial bills

Johnny Depp’s decade-long career in Hollywood has allowed him the chance to build his net worth quietly behind the scenes.

According to a report by the Latin Post, the star stood at $100 million pre-trial but has racked up a loss of almost $40 million in debt.

Celebrity Net alleges this figure and claims the leak in finances was “without” Johnny Depp’s knowledge.

This is all due to his financial firm’s illegal handling of his personal funds, as well as their failure to pay property taxes on time, overpaid personnel, security staff issued unauthorized loans and other miscellaneous services over the years.

In their countersuit, The Management Group filed their own countersuit and accused the actor of having ‘lavish’ monthly spending habits.

A total leak of nearly $650 million in the last 13 years has been reported by the firm in question.

Johnny Depp’s net worth pre and post-trial:

The liquid monthly cash flow Mr Depp needed for his monthly expenditures was also rounded off to $2 million per month.

Where do Johnny Depp’s major earnings come from?

The star earns most of his daily keep from movie projects, the most notable of which is the Pirates of the Caribbean franchise.

Pre-trial he stood to charge almost $20 million per film, upfront, with a 20% backend after airing.

The Pirates franchise amassed him almost #300 million on its own.

He was also paid over $16 million for the Fantastic Beasts franchise, despite being ousted for it, amid Amber Heard backlash.

This is due to the fact that his Warner Bros contract stipulated such clauses for future ‘adversity’.

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