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Johnny Depp’s fans attack Amber Heard with her own beauty: ‘She didn’t deserve this’

Johnny Depp’s fans do not seem to show mercy upon Amber Heard as they have launched a new attack against the actress.

Depp’s trolls army acknowledges the Aquaman star’s beauty, but thinks she does not deserve it as she ‘lied and defamed’ the Pirates of The Caribbean star.

“She didn’t deserve this beauty,” moaned one Tik Tok account that garnered massive likes and comments in agreement. 

“The real definition of never judge someone by their looks,” grumbled another, in a post that was just as popular.

“Can you imagine how sad a woman Amber Heard will be when her beauty fades?” asked one Twitter account. 

“Beauty fades, better bag you some old dude before you’re too old,” responded another.

Amber Heard has been found to have the most beautiful face in the world, according to facial mapping science.

Heard’ face was found to be 91.85 percent accurate to the Greek Golden Ratio of Beauty Phi – which for thousands of years was thought to hold the secret formula of perfection. She was followed by Kim Kardashian and Kate Moss (who had a perfect forehead). De Silva conducted his research back in 2016.

However, Deep’s fans acknowledge Heard’s beauty, but they have been using it as a weapon against the actress since she lost defamation trial against her ex-husband.

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