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Jon Moxley Claims People In AEW Told Him To Stop Working In NJPW


AEW has undergone a lot of changes over the past three years, especially when it comes to working with other pro wrestling promotions. They can definitely improve on other key aspects as well. Jon Moxley also made an interesting claim recently.

NJPW and AEW started a working partnership last year. However, before that, the two companies were not on talking terms whatsoever. Around that time, Jon Moxley used to compete in NJPW as well.

While speaking on The Sessions podcast, Jon Moxley claimed that many people in AEW told him to stop working in NJPW while the two companies were not working together.

“There were plenty of people that told me to stop working for New Japan. They did not understand it, they were like ‘you should stop going there.’ I knew that I was like the last linchpin, the last domino. If I fell then there would be no communication ever. There were so many people on both sides that were agreeing with me. It just didn’t open the communication. I think like when that Harold guy got fired from New Japan I think that kind of opened it up a little bit.”

Moxley also compared the Forbidden Door event to a DC Comics and Marvel crossover. We’ll have to see whether Moxley will become the Interim AEW World Champion at the event or not.

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