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Kanye West Made All Artists Wear Yeezys and Donda Merch

Kanye West enforced a strict dress code during the Donda recording sessions, according to album collaborator Fivio Foreign.

In an interview with Power 106 FM Los Angeles’ The Liftoff/L.A. Leakers show, which premiered on YouTube on Sept. 10, Fivio detailed Kanye’s studio environment while recording his latest album. According to the Brooklyn drill rapper, Kanye made all the artists wear Donda merch while working in the studio. The Chicago rapper-producer even went so far as to outfit everyone with Yeezy sneakers as well.

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“When we went to ’Ye’s shit he made us all wear like [Yeezys]. We had the vest on, he made us all wear Donda merch,” said Fivio. “I thought we were on Donda timing, I guess to get us in [that mindset].”

“He gave everybody Yeezys,” he continued. “This is what he do. It’s like a uniform. He gave us Yeezys, some type of pants, cargo black-looking [pants] and Donda shirts.”

Fivio believes “the uniforms” kept all the artists’ egos in check. “That’s what he do, so I guess it takes away the egos,” he stated.

The “Off the Grid” rapper was so impressed by Kanye’s uniform rules that he now adopts the same dress code policy when he’s recording in the studio.

Fivio also said that Kanye will produce songs for his upcoming album Bible.

“I was telling him like yo, my shit is called Bible, and he said, ‘Damn,'” he recalled. “You know, he’s on that God spiritual shit…and I was telling him I’m spiritual and he was like, ‘Yo, that’s crazy.’ He felt like everything was lined up. I felt like that too, though.”

Read More: Kanye West Made Artists Wear Donda Merch During Album Sessions – XXL |

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