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Kate Moss’ testimony in Depp-Heard trial was ‘Deep Faked’?

Kate Moss’ testimony in Johnny Depp and Amber Heard’s lawsuit is once again creating a massive buzz on social media but for a bizarre theory around its authenticity.

The supermodel testified in court while siding with her former beau over an alleged abuse as she appeared in Virginia court virtually.

After Heard lost the legal battle against her former husband, netizens are now spotting the clue to support their claims that it was not Moss but a Deep Fake.

As per Cambridge Dictionary, Deep Fake is a video “or sound recording that replaces someone’s face or voice with that of someone else, in a way that appears real.”

A Twitter user wrote on the platform, “MUST WATCH Kate Moss hologram AI fake glitch at Johnny Depp trial. Fake testimony. Look very closely at her eyes in slomo at min 4:06.”

The user was pointing at a glitch in the model’s eyes during the testimony.

On the other hand, many fans slammed the theory as one user noted, “Hey! Clown people! Kate Moss is alive. then do u think that she is that weak that she won’t come out loud and say that it was not me. 

“So, now u understand the truth that it was the Kate Moss. Or Are u suggesting that Kate Moss has no brain?”

“After looking at your profile it seems like you are on the wrong side of most issues. My sympathy to your family for having to deal with you!” another fan wrote.

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