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Kayla Braxton Reveals Shocking Detail About Herself After Roe vs Wade Was Overturned


Kayla Braxton became one of the best things about WWE’s interview sections in no time. Her interesting relationship with Paul Heyman has contributed to her popularity, but there is much more to her than that.

The Supreme Court ruling that overturned federally protected abortion rights has outraged everyone in the United States. Fans and pro wrestlers alike have voiced against this move.

Kayla Braxton took to Twitter and shared her thoughts on the controversial matter. Braxton shared a post about the reality of the situation while also revealing that she is a product of sexual assault as well.

“I’ll also add – I am a product of rape. My mother was raped by a stranger – to this day, neither of us have any clue who my birth dad is. She chose to have me – clearly – but she did so because she CHOSE to. Not because a law told her she HAD to. It should always be our choice.”

Kane also got dragged for his controversial take on Roe v. Wade. Becky Lynch also voiced her support for those affected by the ruling as well.

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