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KFC US announces major plans for plant-based fried chicken expansion

KFC US president, Kevin Hochman, has revealed the fried chicken giant has major plans to veganise its iconic Kentucky Fried Chicken.

In a recent interview, Hochman explained the demand for plant-based alternatives had significantly influenced the company’s plans.

The restaurant chain plans to closely replicate the taste and texture of the original KFC.

Moreover, the fast-food president even declared that he eats plant-based burgers at home!

However, Hochman still believes animal-based products will still dominate the food market for years to come.

KFC is yet to announce a launch date for its plant-based chicken.

Fast-food vegan options

The plant-based KFC would not be the first meat-free option from the fast-food chain.

In the US, the company has tested Beyond Meat nuggets and wings, as well as launching a vegan chicken burger in the UK.

Additionally, its rivals Burger King and most recently McDonald’s have also entered the plant-based market.

Although it may seem counterproductive to purchase food from these meat-based giants, having great plant-based options will only grow the movement and encourage these businesses to ditch the meat.

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