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Kyle Schwarber’s celebration after routine play in Red Sox-Rays is hilarious

Kyle Schwarber knows how to read the room.

The Boston Red Sox first baseman helped retire Tampa Bay Rays batter Ji-Man Choi in the fourth inning of Sunday’s American League Division Series Game 3 at Fenway Park by fielding a routine grounder and flipping to pitcher Nathan Eovaldi for the put-out.

Here’s how Schwarber celebrated that routine play:

That’s a pretty strange move out of context. But in context, it’s an awesome move.

Just one inning earlier, Schwarber attempted to make a similar play at first base but sailed his underhanded flip over Eovaldi’s head for an error.

An error in a playoff game is no laughing matter. But rather than hang his head, Schwarber stayed focused to get defensive redemption in the fourth inning — and have a little fun at his own expense by tipping his cap for the Fenway crowd.

The 28-year-old is still getting his bearings at first base, where he made just 10 appearances during the regular season for Boston after playing primarily outfield and some catcher in his previous six-plus seasons.

While Schwarber has been far from perfect at the position, at least he has the right attitude. He’s also getting it done with his bat: Schwarber launched his second home run of the 2021 postseason the first inning to get the Red Sox on the board.

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