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Lakers: Gilbert Arenas Gives His Perfect LA Lineup, and It’s A Little Too Wild

Everyone wants to give their take on the Lakers starting 5 this season. With so many big names potentially in the lineup, the possibilities really are endless. And while Frank Vogel has yet to figure out the rotations that work best, it’s always going to be a work in progress. 

So it’s no surprise that NBA experts have taken advantage of a slow start for the Lakers this week. All around the league, they’ve taken the opportunity to give their ideas on who the starting 5 should be. 

Gilbert Arenas made an appearance on Fubo Sports this week and had his own thoughts. The former NBA guard gave his best starting 5, and the reactions online were borderline comedy.

Sometimes you gotta do [expletive] just to see what the other team is gonna do. I would start a lineup where DeAndre Jordan is at the 5, Dwight is at the 4, Anthony Davis is at the 3, LeBron is at the 1, and Carmelo Anthony is at the 2. For 5 minutes, I want to see what they’re going to do…I’m not worried about none of th defensive stuff, I just want to see how you’re going to guard that lineup. 

There’s a LOT to break down with Arenas’ perfect starting 5. For one, the Lakers don’t really have a shooter if they ran these guys out there. Carmelo Anthony would be their best 3-point option, and that’s never a good position for a team to be in.

Granted, he’s shooting 67 percent from deep this year. But that would leave the ball in his hands in far too many situations, especially late in games. The Lakers would also be drastically lacking speed. 

No knock on the age of anyone, but that starting lineup is literally all BIG guys. At least when Westbrook is off his game, the speed factor is still there. The Lakers need that with most lineups that they might throw out there. 

That lineup also makes it much easier to defend. Opposing teams could literally stack the paint and force them to start shooting with guys who arguably flat-out can’t shoot. 

So while we appreciate the creativity Gilbert, maybe sit this one out. 

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