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Leaked Manchester United kit photos may reveal Cristiano Ronaldo’s future plans

Despite Cristiano Ronaldo‘s future being up in the air, there are some leaked pictures which show the Portuguese forward in Manchester United‘s new kit for next season.

This is being taken by some fans as a sign that the No.7 will continue at the club, as he might not have bothered to model the new kit had he been sure he would be leaving.

Will Cristiano Ronaldo stay for 2022/23? If so, in what role?

Earlier this year, former Manchester United right-back and current TV pundit Gary Neville stressed that the decision on Ronaldo‘s future should depend on what kind of football the team would be looking to play next season.

“There’s this looming decision at the end of the season,” Neville said.

“Is Cristiano Ronaldo going to be at Manchester United at the end of the season? Will Manchester United keep him?

Ronaldo has got another year left on his contract, it’s whether he wants to be here. Whether it’s the ‘project’ that he believes in and is enjoying.

“He wants his career to be enjoyable, he’s demanding, he wants to win every game.

“Obviously there’s elements he can’t do. If Manchester United want to be a high-pressing team he’s probably not your man, but it’s his decision whether he stays at Manchester United, not the other way round.”

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