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LeBron James Makes History As First Active NBA Player To Become A Billionaire

LeBron James has hit various milestones over the course of his career. He’s a 18-time NBA all-star, a 4-time NBA champion, a 2-time Olympic gold medalist and a widely admired husband and father, and he just made history as a billionaire, according to Forbes.

The global media company reports that LeBron James’ estimated $121.2 million earnings in 2021 has made him the first active NBA player to join the billionaire’s club! The 37-year-old baller now has a net worth of $1 billion, which he spoke into existence in a 2014 interview with GQ.

It’s my biggest milestone. Obviously, I want to maximize my business. And if I happen to get it, if I happen to be a billion-dollar athlete, ho. Hip Hip hooray! Oh, my God, I’m gonna be excited.”

During LeBron’s 19-year career with the Lakers, Cleveland Cavaliers and Miami Heat, he’s raked in more than $385 million. He’s reportedly set to earn another $44.5 million next season as part of his two-year contract with LA. As for his business ventures and endorsements off the court, Forbes estimates Bron Bron earned $900 million.

According to Bleacher Report, LeBron’s net worth also includes $90 million from the Fenway Sports Group $80 million in real estate and $30 million from Blaze Pizza. He also saw a big chunk of change from the release of Space Jam: A New Legacy in 2021, which reportedly generated $162.9 in sales worldwide.

As for his future endeavors, LeBron expressed his desire to one day own a NBA franchise, which would put him in the same position as NBA superstar and owner of the Charlotte Hornets Michael Jordan. Jordan became the first NBA player in history cross the billionaire threshold nearly a decade after he retired from the league.

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