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Madness singer Suggs makes Amber Heard dig during Tramlines set in Sheffield

Madness lead singer Suggs has spoken of a drink with Hollywood star Johnny Depp in York where the ska band frontman took aim at Amber Heard.

Suggs, 61, had a busy weekend in Yorkshire headlining Tramlines Festival, in Sheffield, and there was another Madness gig at York Racecourse on Friday. During Sunday’s Tramlines set, Suggs stopped the show to tell fans about his weekend – having stayed in York the previous night.

As you can hear in the video accompanying this article, Suggs said: “I’m not making this up. Next to me is Johnny Depp, standing there at the bar, and he’s crying. He’s got a large Jack Daniels and he’s crying.

“He says ‘Suggsy, I’ve got to tell ya, my girl is mad at me’.” This was met by loud cheers, clearly referencing the Hollywood star’s much-publicised recent legal battle with ex Amber Heard.

Of course, it was also a not-too-subtle reference to a line in the Madness song My Girl. So, we’ll leave you to decide whether the drink in York actually happened or perhaps it was just a nice showbiz line to set up a song.

Johnny Depp on stage at York Barbican

Johnny Depp on stage at York Barbican (Image: Twitter/ @BinksAnna)

Fittingly, for Suggs’ story, we actually saw Depp in Yorkshire after his court case as the movie legend toured with music star Jeff Beck. We saw him pop up in both York and Sheffield alongside a number of UK cities.

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