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Miami Heat: Best trade ever done with the Dallas Mavericks

ust the other day, a series began to take a look at the best trade the Miami Heat have made with every team. The Sacramento Kings were the first team looked at.

It was concluded that their trade for Bimbo Coles in the 1990s was the best trade they made with the Kings. The deal may not have been a blockbuster, but it was definitely a win for the Heat.

As mentioned in that article, the way that each team is determined is through the spinning of a wheel. This time, the wheel chose the Dallas Mavericks.

Throughout history, the two teams have made four different trades. The first one they made was back in 1988 and the most recent trade was made in 2017.

Before analyzing which trade has been the best, it’s important to go over each of the trades individually. Surprisingly enough, these four trades have dealt with some bigger names than the trades with Sacramento.

Players such as Tim Hardaway and Jamal Mashburn have all been involved in Miami Heat trades with the Mavericks. Some of the trades have gone in favor of the Heat, but they have also been on the bad end of some.

Some trades involved players that would go on to spend significant time with the Miami Heat. They have made some very important deals with Dallas over the years.

So, which trade was the best one the Miami Heat have made with the Mavs over the years? Which deal ended up having the biggest, best impact?

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