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Minecraft Player Shows Off Incredible ‘Wild Woods’ Race Track

Over the last ten years, the video game world has not seen anything quite as huge in terms of success as Minecraft. With the Mojang sandbox game smashing 200 million in sales last year, it’s easily one of the biggest IPs to come out in this, or the last, gaming generation. Much of that can be attested to the fan base, who continue to output stupendous builds and creative ideas that keep the game interesting, as this one person did when they designed and built a water-based racing circuit.

Uploading a short clip to the Minecraft Subreddit a couple of days ago, user Pacckker has showcased a project that they’ve called “Wild Woods,” which is a racetrack that’s taken eight builders to make, with a construction time lasting around half a year. The video shows a flyby of the track, which consists of a river that acts as the track running through a wooded area. There’s also a YouTube video which shows more detail, and commenters on the Reddit post have left positive remarks on the build.

The YouTube video shows players racing through the track on simple boats made in Minecraft. They move through different areas of the circuit, which have been labelled such as “Dark Forest,” “Dimly Lit Quarry,” and “Mysterious Cave,” and also includes shots of a bridge, and numerous wooden lampposts that light the way. The river itself fits perfectly with the natural surroundings and the accompanying music that’s well known from the game creates a kind of tranquil and beautiful mood for the racing circuit, rather than something that’s a bit more hardcore or aggressive.

Whereas a lot of fans may use rivers in Minecraft to do a spot of fishing, Pacckker and their team of builders decided that there was perhaps a more fun way to use the in-game water physics. There has been a lot of time, effort, and creativity that has gone into the circuit, and its woodland and cave-like aesthetic gives it that natural air which compliments the actual river-based track.

Since being released in 2011, Minecraft has become a game with near endless replayability and possibilities. The community of dedicated fans and builders shows that there is still so much potential left in the game. It’s hard to imagine that a title of such magnitude and creative mechanics will ever come to an end, but until that day, users like Pacckker will continue to flood the gaming world with plenty of interesting and unique projects.

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