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Minecraft Reveals Details for ‘The Wild’ Update Coming in 2022

Ten years on, Minecraft continues to be a massively popular game, and the recent announcements show that its infinite worlds will only become more varied and interesting to explore. The upcoming additions seem to be targeted at explorers, with the new biomes emphasizing atmospheric design.

Minecraft was a smash hit when it released, and in the time since, it has maintained a relatively high level of popularity amongst its players. Its success can be attributed to its value as a creative outlet and its presence on every modern gaming platform, with the game’s support also playing a role in its continued relevancy.

The upcoming Minecraft update turns away from the caves and cliffs of the previous major additions, opting to add a new overworld biome in the form of mangrove swamps. Like many Minecraft biomes, the new area is modeled after a real-life variety of swamp. Mangrove swamps will also be home to a new mob in the form of frogs and tadpoles, and will bring with them the ability to mount chests on Minecraft‘s boats for easier item transportation. Fans have requested this feature for many years and the addition is sure to make long expeditions less frustrating due to limited inventory space.

In addition to the announcement comes a delay to another biome initially planned for Caves and Cliffs; the Deep Dark biome has seen major upgrades since it was first shown, appearing to have transformed from a regular area into a mysterious structure similar to some underground biomes in Terraria. The location is incredibly atmospheric, with a low, droning soundscape accompanying strange, almost alien sounds from the new blocks. The area’s official addition may have been pushed back to 2022, but if development continues in this creepy direction, it will be worth the wait.

The terrifying Warden enemy is a highlight of the Deep Dark, seemingly modeled after monsters from horror games and taking a major tonal shift from the rest of Minecraft. The Enderman could be considered creepy and alien by some players, but the Warden seems specifically designed to create a tense feeling; monsters sensitive to sound are a common occurrence in horror games because they take the regular sounds a player may make and turn them into a hazard. This also implies possible gains, however; if exploring the Deep Dark means avoiding the powerful Wardens, there must be something within the biome that makes it worth the risk.

Overall, Caves and Cliffs Part 2 is shaping up to be a solid addition to the game. The expanded caves will add lots of variety to the previously indistinct underground, as will Minecraft‘s upcoming biomes and mobs.

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