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Monero (XMR) Is Showing Strong Signs for Ascension

  • The crypto space is still showing bullish signs.
  • A crypto analyst tweets that Monero is one such crypto.
  • He tweets a chart that shows a possible surge for the asset.

The crypto space is still on a decent high, as the prices of many cryptos continue to show bullish signs, one asset is currently standing out — Monero (XMR). This coin is known for providing complete anonymity.  

Amid these current bullish times, traders are always looking for the next best catch. One crypto trader, investor, and experienced analyst — The Wolf Of All Streets, tweets about a possible surge for XMR.

According to this tweet, The Wolf Of All Streets says that XMR is looking good. In fact, he also attached a chart that shows a ‘nice support bounce’ on the crypto’s ascending triangle.

The tweet was met with mixed reviews. Many draw light to other bullish altcoins that will also take after XMR and likely surge. Some say they are working on buying XMR right now. Others point out that unless Bitcoin doesn’t go up, nothing else will.

On the topic of Bitcoin going high, many analysts have been very vocal about their opinion on the matter. For instance, the co-founder of Nexo is a firm believer in Bitcoin hitting $100,000. Besides him, known analyst — Mike McGlone, explains in detail how Bitcoin could very likely hit this ATH soon.

Another Twitter famous crypto analyst and long-time trader — PlanB, is certain that Bitcoin will reach $100,000 by the time Christmas rolls around this year. The wait is not only for Bitcoin, other altcoins will most likely hit new ATHs as well by the year’s end.

This is possibly due to the fact that most cryptos tend to mirror Bitcoin’s price patterns. Although, many blockchains are working on major updates, so we will likely see many new ATH for many cryptos sooner than expected.

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