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Natalya And Shayna Baszler Discuss Physicality Of Wrestling


The recent string of wrestling injuries has affected all major promotions. They have also started the debate about the physicality of wrestling. Both Natalya and Shayna Baszler recently shared their thoughts on the same.

The former Hart Dynasty member visited the clinic of Dr. Beau Hightower. She was accompanied by both Shayna Baszler and Raquel González. During the treatment, the topic of wrestling injuries was brought up. Natalya shared her belief that staying on top of the injuries is the best approach. She then discussed how even the simplest things in wrestling can leave you with bruises:

“I do believe in prehab, not rehab. If we stay on top of our injuries and we keep [working on them]. With what we do it’s so physical. People often say like what we do is fake. It’s like, it’s so hard, Even just hitting the ropes will leave you with bruises. Hitting the mat’s hard, the ropes are hard, the turnbuckles are hard. It’s hard.”

It Starts Adding Up

Shayna Baszler then discussed how wrestling injuries are worse compared to MMA injuries. The former UFC star mentioned that even though MMA injuries are more severe, you get the time to recover from them after every fight. Whereas in wrestling, you have to be on the road five days a week and don’t get any time off:

“There’s less recovery time. You have your fight and then you get a couple of weeks where you’re like eating junk food and you get to live a little. Even when you’re back to training when it’s not fight camp. The research on concussions and stuff is out. So there’s not a lot of camps that do hard sparring every week like old school days. So it’s like, you get time in between but when we’re on the road, five days a week it starts just adding up.”

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