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New Twitch extensions shows streamers’ revenue ranking after leak

Only days ago on Oct. 8, Twitch suffered its most significant data breach to date. In the mass of information released to the public were the alleged payouts of countless, notable streamers on the platforms. Though the gravity of the situation is clear, Twitch streamers and viewers alike have been quick to make light of the crisis.

Ottomated, a professional developer and content creator, released a Twitch extension that allows you to view every streamer’s ranking on your Twitch dashboard. After the information breach spread online, a chart listing the highest-paid to lowest-paid streamers quickly drew traction. Now, you can view every streamer’s ‘number’ beside their name.

Popular streamer and Twitch personality Ludwig has been seen using the extension on several of his past streams. The sixth highest-paid streamer on Twitch has poked the most fun out of Twitch’s current predicament. Ludwig has not only been an avid user of this new Twitch extension but he also created a new ‘game show’ that involves comparing two content creators and guessing which has the higher alleged payout.

Since the data leak, Twitch has already seen another hacking incident potentially related to the breach. Although Twitch has been active in attempting to re-secure the safety of its platform, it has done nothing to quell the latest ranking trend.

For now, the Twitch extension remains but with no updating feature since the ranked list is not actively being updated. You can download the Twitch extension on Google Chrome and Firefox.

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