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Official Sonic the Hedgehog Twitter Account Posts Hilariously Strange Among Us Video

Sonic Colors Ultimate is a recently released remastered version of the original Sonic Colors that came out over 11 years ago, and Sega has been promoting it for the last few months in various ways, such as through the release of the short, animated feature Sonic Colors: Rise of The Wisps. Although the game is available now, it’s only a few days into its shelf life, so Sega is still going out of its way to promote it.

The most recent advertising stunt the publisher has given Sonic Colors Ultimate comes in the form of a Twitter Q&A, where the official Sonic the Hedgehog Twitter account chose questions placed under an “Ask Sonic” hashtag and answered them with mini skits featuring the voice actors behind Sonic, Shadow, Tails, Eggman, and Yacker. One of the participants in the Q&A turned out to be the official Among Us Twitter account, which is where things get interesting.

Among Us, of course, asked who among the five Q&A hosts was the biggest liar, and the Sonic team gave them a hilarious response. The skit starts off simple enough as each member goes down the line and personally speaks on where they think they stand in the rankings. At first, Eggman seems like the obvious candidate, but then it’s Yacker’s turn, and seeing as how it’s an alien that can only communicate in chirps, Tails — who’s apparently only ever told three lies before — translates.

“Yacker says he likes murder,” Tails begins, only to further escalate the situation. Not only does Yacker like murder, but his increasingly frantic chirps are him bragging about how he killed a man in an electric room at Tropical Resort. As one can imagine, this unsettles everyone listening, so they space Yacker with Sonic having the honor of pushing the button. The question of who’s the biggest liar among the hosts then becomes apparent as a notice tells the group that Yacker was innocent.

While the subversion of Tails being the biggest liar is somewhat expected, it’s the degree of how much bigger a sinner he is compared to the other Sonic characters that makes the skit both shocking and hilarious. Not only has Tails apparently killed someone out in Tropical Resort, but he enjoys murder, and the ominous way he professes his fourth lie implies a host of things: He isn’t sorry he got Yacker killed, and he might be plotting to send Sonic, Shadow, and Eggman to join the alien.

Sonic Colors Ultimate is available on PC, PS4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch.

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