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“People have said I look a little bit like that”: Camille Vasquez claims Eva Longoria could play her in a movie, receives fans approval

Camille Vasquez appeared in her first one-on-one televised interview with Access Hollywood’s Mario Lopez, where she said Eva Longoria could be an excellent fit to play her.

During the candid conversation, Lopez asked Vasquez if she ever had her movie, which actress would she cast to play her role. The lawyer responded to the question with a laugh and initially said she would allow casting directors to decide on professionals:

“I think I should leave that to the casting directors, they get paid a lot of money to do that.”

However, Vasquez then shared that she would like to cast some Latina actresses like Salma Hayek or Eva Longoria to play her role and even mentioned that people told her she sometimes resembles the latter:

“I don’t know some wonderful Latina actress that… Salma Hayek or Eva Longoria. There been some people who have said I look a little bit like them.”

Shortly after, the interviewer revealed that Longoria is his friend and a “sweetheart” and joked that they could “line up” the actress to take on Vasquez’s role.

Fans react to Camille Vasquez saying Eva Longoria could play her role in a film

Johnny Depp’s lawyer Camille Vasquez won hearts across the globe during his defamation trial with Amber Heard and has continued to maintain her popularity on social media platforms. The attorney soon became an internet sensation and garnered a massive following of her own.

Fans of Depp also came together to launch a merch line for the attorney featuring some of her iconic quotes from the trial on its products. Several merchandise items came with quotes like “Camille Vasquez for President” and “Camille is my lawyer.”

More recently, Discovery+ revealed that the attorney is set to star in an upcoming docuseries about the Depp vs. Heard trial alongside her fellow lawyer Benjamin Chew. Vasquez appeared in her solo interview with Access Hollywood and said she would like to see Eva Longoria play her in a movie.

Following Vasquez’s comment, several fans and social media users took to Twitter and YouTube to react to her choice:

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