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Photos leak of Amber Heard making out with mystery woman: Is that Cara Delevigne?

That infamous elevator that more than likely got Amber Heard to lose the trial against Johnny Depp is featured again on the Instenet. Known as the ECB elevator, that same one where Amber Heard was recorded with both Elon Musk and James Franco. This time, Amber Heard is caught making out with a mystery woman.

But looking at the evidence from Popcorned Planet releatedly, we can easily spot the woman who is clearly making out with Amber Heard. Those eyebrows are worldwide famous all over the place, that woman seems like none other than Cara Delevigne. The same woman who allegedly had a three some with Amber Heard and Elon Musk but all parties denied.

Did Cara and Amber have a relationship?

During the first trial in the United Kingdom, one of Amber Heard’s “friends” did reveal to the court that the actress cheated on Johnny Depp with Cara Delevigne. There had been no evidence released to the public about this until today. Film journalist Andy Signore released these photos online, he seems to be the first one who gets his hands on them and they are quite revealing.

In order to confirm this is the same elevator from those videos with Musk and Franco, Andy asked a woman who lived on the same buildong to confirm it. That woman also confirmed the woman definitely looks like Cara, no time-frame of the images was provided by Signore.

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Johnny Depp shows video of Amber Heard cheating with Elon Musk and James Franco

It is obvious that these images will flood the Internet throughout the week, it’s Amber Heard caught red handed once again. As she attempts to keep the conversation going through interviews and a new book deal, more evidence piles up of her cheating. Even though the channel doesn’t confirm Cara Delevigne is the other woman, the images don’t lie.

There are also rumors of another video of the same elevator where Heard is seen with Cara and Musk, but those will be impossible to get. If we do get a hand on those, you’ll be the first to know. For now, all we can do it show you these images of Amber and a woman that looks quite a bit like Cara Delevigne. Judge for yourself.

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