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Polygon to offer passive income generating NFTs, boosting MATIC utility

  • Ethereum-based whitelisted NFT collections receive 50% to 250% APR through yield farming rewards. 
  • Protocols that add a utility layer to NFTs have become increasingly popular with the high floor price of BAYC, CryptoPunks and so on.
  • Unreasonably high gas fees pose a challenge on the Ethereum network.
  • Analysts expect MATIC, Polygon’s native token, to break out based on recent price trends and utility boost. 

The latest trend in cryptocurrencies is earning passive income from NFTs. The floor price of top NFT collections on the Ethereum network, such as Bored Ape Yacht Club and CyberKongz, remains relatively high, making it inaccessible to retail traders. 

NFTs become accessible for retail traders through sharding and yield farming incentives

The Ethereum ecosystem is plagued by high gas fees, making it inaccessible for retail traders looking to turn a quick profit by flipping ETH-based NFTs. Several projects solve this problem by offering yield farming incentives on NFTs or enabling fractionalized NFT ownership. 

A collective of DeFi influencers, PleasrDAO, popularized the concept of fractional ownership of NFTs. PleasrDAO split the DOGE meme into 17 billion pieces of ERC-20 tokens (DOGE tokens), and an initial 20% of the supply was auctioned. 

Projects like Shoefy that add a utility layer on top of NFTs make them ideal for earning passive income through the DeFi toolset of staking, farming and income generation through liquidity pools. 

Polygon Studios, the gaming and development arm of Polygon, has partnered with Unicly (UNIC), a protocol that combines, fractionalizes and facilitates NFT trading. The Unicly partnership is focused on helping traders create a revenue stream with their digital art and collectibles. 

Currently, Ethereum-based NFT collections offer nearly 50%-250% APR through yield farming rewards. Through Unicly, NFT projects built on Polygon will also be eligible for whitelisting and will receive incentives through UNIC rewards.

The Polygon blockchain powers Unicly’s platform. Iit provides solutions to Ethereum’s gas fee problem and further pushes NFTs on the path of decentralization. This is likely to boost the utility of the network, driving on-chain activity higher.

Analysts at Crypto Maximalist, a YouTube channel that shares cryptocurrency price prediction and analysis, believe that after three recent fakeouts, MATIC is underperforming. The altcoin is likely to roll over like other cryptocurrencies with large market capitalizations such as Polkadot, Chainlink, VeChain and Cardano. 

The analyst states that 

Once Bitcoin starts to level off, money is going to start to rotate back into altcoins, and Polygon is really gearing up for a big move considering how much it has just been consolidating.”

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