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Power Rangers: Battle for the Grid Season 4 Adding Adam Park, Rita Repulsa, and More

Power Rangers: Battle for the Grid is revealing details about its upcoming Season 4. Set to begin next week on September 21, the fighting game has released a trailer detailing what players can expect, including the addition of several fan-favorite characters.

The Power Rangers fighting game developed by nWay features characters spanning the long-running franchise’s many incarnations, along with a few crossover fighters. The most recently added options were Street Fighter‘s Ryu and Chun-Li, who not only received their own Power Ranger suits, but an Angel Grove casual skin as well.

Posted onto YouTube, the roughly 90 minute trailer reveals four new characters coming in the Power Rangers: Battle for the Grid Season 4 Pass. The bulk of the trailer is spent on Adam Park, the second-ever black ranger. Adam appears in his Black Ninja Ranger costume featured in 1995’s Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers: The Movie, and comes with an arsenal of agiile attacks. S.P.D.’s Doggie Cruger skin is revealed next, wielding his Shadow Saber, while Dino Charge‘s villainous Poisandra joins the fray in all her obnoxious pink glory. The final character revealed is the infamous Rita Repulsa, who many fans have hoped to see since the game’s launch.

The end of the video reveals the specific months when each fighter will become available. Adam Park launches along with Season 4 in September, Poisandra becomes playable in November, and Rita Repulsa is unleashed in December. It’s important to note these characters aren’t free DLC, and the Power Rangers: Battle for the Grid Season 4 Pass must be purchased in order to access the new fighters. They also do not come with the recently released Power Rangers: Battle for the Grid Super Edition, which includes all DLC for the title up through the Street Fighter crossover.

With Power Rangers being such a nostalgic and recognizable property, some gamers may wonder why there haven’t been more video games based on the IP. According to a former Saban employee, this was almost a different story a few years ago. In a series of tweets, Jason Bischoff revealed an open world co-op Power Rangers game was in early development, but unfortunately never got off the ground due to time and budget constraints. Bischoff reveals the game took inspiration from Rocksteady’s Batman: Arkham series, and was effectively the same concept as the upcoming Gotham Knights.

Power Rangers: Battle for the Grid‘s roster continues to grow with Season 4, bringing together characters ranging from niche to fan-favorites across the franchise’s many shows. Its unclear if any other crossover characters will be added to the game, but Apex Legends’ Horizon’s latest skin makes her look like a natural fit.

Power Rangers: Battle for the Grid is out now for PC, PS4, Stadia, Switch, and Xbox One.

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