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REPORT: John Laurinaitis’ future in WWE may be in jeopardy


There is an interesting development with John Laurinaitis and WWE.

As previously noted, Laurinaitis has been replaced by Bruce Prichard while WWE’s Board of Directions investigates allegations made about him and Vince McMahon by a former employee.

Ringside News is reporting that Laurinatis’ cell phone number has been shut off. The number reportedly had been working since 2001, which would be when he joined the company after WCW was purchased.

There is no confirmation on his status with the company but the cell phone number being shut off is said to be “not a good sign” for him. If he does exit the company then it would be seen as a shocking development because he is considered one of Vince McMahon’s most trusted confidantes.

Laurinaitis has not been backstage at WWE shows since the scandal broke last week but McMahon appeared last week on SmackDown and on Raw.

If Laurinaitis exits the company, this will not go over well with a lot of the talent. See the related story here: WWE talent not happy about Bruce Prichard being named interim Head of Talent Relations


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