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Ridiculous Overwatch trick lets players kill enemies in spawn before the round even starts

One Overwatch player found a way to get an edge before the round has even begun, somehow getting a kill with the spawn doors closed.

In Overwatch, getting picks early in team fights can be the difference between a map win or loss.

But, what if there was a way to get a kill on a player before the round even got underway?

For one brave and daring Hanzo main, this dream was turned into reality in a clip shared to Reddit. More details and a guide on how you can try this for yourself, below.

hanzo jumping
Activision Blizzard

Hanzo has become one of Overwatch’s strongest DPS picks, and now he may be even stronger.

How to get a kill in Overwatch pre-round

Reddit user Jamesbeff recently found a tricky exploit that allowed him to get a kill on his opponent before the round even begins.

The kill, as seen in the clip below, takes place on Havana, and the user is playing as Hanzo.

It looks like, in order to do this, all a player needs to do is select a character like Hanzo or Widowmaker and then fire at a select point on the spawn door where an opposing player is standing.

If they are close enough to the door, it appears that part of their hero actually sticks out enough to be hit. Using Hanzo here, thanks to his Recon Arrow, makes it easy to know where to shoot. It should be noted, however, that this kill did not produce any ultimate charge for Hanzo, due to the round not yet being underway.

So, if you’ve got an enemy that’s a bit too eager to get out of spawn and you’re playing a character capable of quick burst damage. This could be a nice trick to throw off the enemy team and start the round with a slight advantage.

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