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RUMOR: Jayson Tatum’s Team USA teammate that Celtics tried to trade for

The Boston Celtics have done some retooling on their roster this offseason, but they have yet to acquire a true difference maker alongside their star wings in Jayson Tatum and Jaylen Brown.

But apparently it isn’t from lack of trying. The Celtics were reportedly in hot pursuit of one of Jayson Tatum’s teammates on Team USA – Detroit Pistons swingman Jerami Grant.

Via Pistons reporter for The Athletic, James L. Edwards III:

Title-contending teams have inquired about his services over the last year, and the Celtics reportedly offered multiple late-first-round picks. At 27, Grant is an important piece of what Detroit is building. The current expectation is that he eventually signs with Detroit long term — assuming that the potential of the Pistons’ roster develops into something worthwhile over the next two years.

Jerami Grant’s fit on the Celtics, had a move been swung, would have been questionable to say the least. You could argue that he plays the same position as both Tatum and Brown. But at the same time, that positional versatility with their size and length would have allowed Boston to use different lineup combinations depending on matchups.

Grant could still be in play next season, especially if things don’t mesh too well in Detroit with franchise rookie Cade Cunningham. His name marks the third Team USA star linked to the Celtics, with the first two being Zach LaVine and Tatum’s longtime buddy Bradley Beal. The availability of those three stars will largely depend on how well their teams perform. The Celtics will be definitely be keeping tabs on all three.

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