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Shiba Inu (SHIB) is Now The Most Acquired Token Among The Largest Whales


As per the latest study, the number of Shiba Inu owners is increasing every hour, and now it has hit a new all-time record, approaching the 2 million mark.

As per the report, the overall numbers have increased by 1,064 fresh SHIB members in the last hour.

As per statistics gathered by the @letsburnshiba Twitter account, the percentage of wallets containing Shiba Inu meme coins is growing.

As per the post, the total number of SHIB holders has risen to 1,989,215, which is an increase of over one million in just seven days from 1,182,817.

This could suggest that, following the rapid, significant value decrease of the next most popular meme token, protracted demand for this digital asset is steady, if not increasing.

SHIB Token Is Whales Largest Investments

Shiba Inu has now become the most significant asset by USD value, per the WhaleStats blog, which counts the 100 largest wallets on multiple networks like Ethereum and BNB Chain.

SHIB investments of Ethereum whales have risen beyond $500 million once more. Whales hold $525,200,856 in Shiba at the time of publishing. This is equivalent to 48,674,778,127,896 Shiba Inu and 13.55% of the whales’ overall portfolio.

SHIB Is At The Top Position

According to WhaleStats statistics, prominent Ethereum network participants bought 17,108,822 MATIC in the last 24 hours, representing $10,348,876 in cash.

Purchasing that quantity of MATIC required four transactions. Meanwhile, SHIB has the most significant position in terms of USD value.

Polygon’s native token, MATIC, has emerged as one of the most transacted cryptocurrencies among the top 100 whales.

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