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South Africa’s plant based food industry is beginning to bloom

  • Plant-based and vegan food options are becoming more readily available in South African supermarkets
  • Fast food chain Burger King now offers a vegan version of its popular Whopper Burger
  • NGO ProVeg International assists the public and the food industry with advice on plant based options

Around the world, interest in “Plant-Based” and “Vegan” diets are becoming commonplace.

The shift is being driven by a growing awareness of the health and environmental benefits of eating more plant-based, as well as improvements in the taste, price and availability of plant-based food offerings.

South Africa has lagged behind this international trend in a few areas, including a lack of quality offerings in the fast food space, and the absence of an internationally recognised vegan accreditation for local companies.

Commercial food brands have also been working hard to meet the demands of the international vegan movement.

This week, a significant boost has been made with the introduction of V-Label, Europe’s largest vegan accreditation programme, which coincides with the launch of Burger King’s new plant-based and vegan menu options.

The Director of the local food awareness NGO ProVeg South Africa, Donovon Will says plant based options have become convenient and more readily available.

What we’re trying to do is educate the public, but also work with the food industry, to make changes in the right direction towards more sustainable, healthier food.

Donovan Will – Director of ProVeg South Africa

We’re working with fast food chains, with retailers and manufacturers to try and show them that they can make products that taste just as good, and often they will be more sustainable and healtheir.

Donovan Will – Director of ProVeg South Africa

There are some alternatives to eggs that can be used in baking that are actually cheaper. We just want to educate people that there isn’t this big sacrifice.Donovan Will – Director of ProVeg South Africa

We’ve got a veggie challenge, which is a one month challenge, You can sign up to do the 100% vegan, or vegetarian or just a few meat free days a week.

Donovan Will – Director of ProVeg South Africa

Everyday for one month we’ll send you an email with recipes, some tips and some tricks. It just makes it a lot easier for people to find out how to go about this.

Donovan Will – Director of ProVeg South Africa

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