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Steve Kerr jokes about Andre Iguodala’s future after playing days

Andre Iguodala‘s return to the Warriors might also be his farewell. The 37-year-old, who turns 38 in January, is in his 18th NBA season, and coach Steve Kerr couldn’t be happier Iguodala’s latest trip around the sun is back with Golden State. 

He also has an idea what Iguodala’s next venture should be whenever he decides to retire. 

“He’s taking over Mike Brown’s spot,” Kerr joked Wednesday at practice to reporters. “Yeah, right next to me. I haven’t told Mike yet. I haven’t told Andre either. Pretty sure he doesn’t want any part of that.”​

In reality, Kerr would love to have Iguodala be the latest to go from playing for the Warriors to coaching for them. He also believes that the former All-Star could succeed at whatever he wants in the future, whether it be as a coach or outside of the game as a whole. 

And that’s probably true. 

What surprised many was the fact that Iguodala played so many minutes in the Warriors’ season-opening win over the Los Angeles Lakers. Of course, he succeeded in that too. 

“He’s still got it,” Kerr said Wednesday on 95.7 The Game’s “Damon, Kolsky and Ratto.” “That’s what happens when you get a guy who not only takes care of himself and is naturally very gifted to start with but someone who plays the game with his brain like Andre does.

“Those guys can play for a lot longer than players who are solely dependent on skill. It was so great to have Andre out there, just the awareness level at both ends, he initiates so much offensively. 

Iguodala played 23 minutes off the bench and made a big impact on the Warriors, just like yesteryear. He scored 12 points, handed out two assists and was plus-eight in plus-minus. The numbers were encouraging, yet Kerr still knows Iguodala’s value goes well beyond the box score.

“He made a pass at the very end of the first quarter that was just brilliant, kind of a turnaround, cross-court pass to Steph [Curry],” Kerr said. “Steph missed the 3, but it was emblematic of the kind of player that Andre is. Just complete court awareness.

“I think he’s going to really tie a lot of these lineups together. Obviously, he’s not going to play 24 minutes every night, or not even play every night, but you can see the impact he’s going to make on our team for sure.”

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