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Sudden Death Tournament in Clash Royale: Information, rewards, and more

Tournaments and challenges are a crucial part of Clash Royale as they help players earn magic items, additional gold, and chests for faster in-game upgrades. To keep the game interesting for its players and keep the community on its toes, the developers release new challenges and tournaments every week that players can partake in and win exclusive rewards.

In the latest tournament, titled the “Sudden Death Tournament,” players must compete with others to top the leaderboard and win rewards. Beginning on May 27, the event requires that players create a special tournament deck to win the challenge. In this article, we will discuss the Sudden Death Tournament and its rewards.

Sudden Death Tournament in Clash Royale

The in-game description of the Sudden Death Tournament is as follows:

“Battle starts in Sudden Death… the first player to take a Crown win! Win as many battles as you can to earn rewards! Make it to the top 100 to earn an Exclusive Emote and 100000 bonus gold!”

The Sudden Death Tournament is only open to King level 8 or higher players. To participate in the battles, they must create a tournament deck using cards ranging from Common to Champion. As the name suggests, the tournament requires that the player only defeat one tower, leading to a battle victory.

The player who defeats the tower first wins the battle and climbs the in-challenge leaderboard. Like the Lava Hound Draft Challenge, losses are counted in the tournament. Players who lose three battles will not be able to fight further.

To make every battle fair, player cards and king levels are automatically made to level 11. This means that even if you have a level 13 Mega Knight, you can only use a level 11 Mega Knight on the battlefield. To win maximum rewards and Legendary Emote, players must reach the top 100 in the challenge leaderboard.

Sudden Death Challenge Rewards in Clash Royale

There are two types of in-game rewards in the Sudden Death Tournament: free and bonus. All winners of the tournament’s in-game battles will receive free rewards, while Bonus rewards may only be purchased for 500 Gems. The following rewards are included in the bonus tier:

  • Players receive multiple special chests like gold chest, magical chest, Legendary chest and more.
  • Players who buy the bonus tier rewards will also obtain various cards and magic items like wild cards, tokens, books and more.
  • Resources like gems and gold are available in abundance for players to upgrade faster in the game.
  • Top 100 leaderboard players also receive 100000 gold and a special Legendary Emote.

The Sudden Death Tournament is one of the best ways to test new battle decks and cards in Clash Royale. Players can complete the tournament by April 1, so be sure to create a tournament deck and battle in the event before time runs out.

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