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Suzanne Somers poses pantsless to ring in 75th birthday: ‘Turning three quarters of a century with love in my life feels great!’

Suzanne Somers is celebrating another year around the sun — this time, without pants.

The Three’s Company alum took to Instagram on Wednesday to share a photo of herself in a cream sweater and heels. She captioned the pic, “Thanks for all the birthday love on my 75th! Turning three quarters of a century with love in my life feels great!”

BURBANK, CALIFORNIA - FEBRUARY 19: Actress Suzanne Somers visits “Extra” at Burbank Studios on February 19, 2020 in Burbank, California. (Photo by Paul Archuleta/Getty Images)
Suzanne Somers celebrates her 75th birthday. (Photo by Paul Archuleta/Getty Images)

Somers has no qualms about baring some leg — or even baring it all. In 2019, the actress posted a birthday photo of herself hanging out in some grass, appearing completely nude. She captioned the pic, “Here I am at 73 in my Birthday Suit!!!”

Earlier this year, Somers spoke to Yahoo Life for her Unapologetically Suzanne video series about how she felt about the photo, which quickly circulated the internet.

“I had no idea it was going to go viral, but it went viral because I was 73 and it was natural,” she explained. “I am proud of that picture.”

The actress, who is married to Alan Hamel, also shared that she wouldn’t rewind the clock if she had a choice.

“Right now, if you said, ‘Suzanne, you can be 24 again,’ I don’t think I would take that. I like it better now,” she explained. “We go out, we dance, I get dressed up. I wear cocktail dresses. I wear high heels. So I don’t think life could be better.”

In fact, Somers is already ready for her next act. The Step By Step star shared that she and Hamel are in the early stages of creating a reality series about their life together, she told People. The two already regularly appear together on Facebook Live.

“After five years on Three’s Company and seven years on Step by Step, and a couple of years on Candid Camera and 14 movies and a couple of music specials, I thought ‘I’ve done it’ and have turned down several offers to return to series TV,” Somers explained to the outlet. “But, the idea of doing an unscripted show and flying by the seat of my pants is an attractive concept.”

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