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Tales of Arise: All Ingredients to Find in Sandinus Ravine

With a new Tales game comes a new world to explore, with all sorts of trinkets and collectibles within it. Tales of Arise will have fans looking all across the map for items to upgrade their weapons, gels to heal the party or regain Alphen and Shionne’s CP, along with ingredients for cooking recipes. For players wanting to get a head-start on collecting them all, or those that want to backtrack before leaving Calaglia for Cyslodia, this guide is where they can find all the ingredients in one of the first starting areas in Calaglia, Sandinus Ravine.

Cooking isn’t new to Tales titles, but Tales of Arise dares to add spice to the usual formula by breaking a tradition seen in the last titles, Zestiria and Berseria. Where those two games saw the party treated by the Inns they stayed at for a few meager Gald, Arise allows players to make food themselves before resting for the night, be it at a campsite or at an Inn. Collecting ingredients is important in order to take advantage of the chances to gain stat buffs when gamers find a place to set up camp.

Sandinus Ravine’s Ingredients

Sandinus Ravine is one of the first areas in Calaglia, and therefore, it’s very short. Fans shouldn’t get cozy with the small area to explore, however, as Tales of Arise’s areas will grow in size fairly quickly with much more to explore. There isn’t much to find in Sandinus Ravine, but players can safely re-visit it for carp, mushrooms, and wheat.

As fans walk through the Ravine for the first time, they’ll tend to follow a railroad track leading from the center of the map to Ulzebek, the first town in this Tales game. As they follow it, they should encounter a bridge that’s missing a good part of it on the left-hand side. Daring players may want to take a leap of faith through that gap, as water will be there to catch them with carp for the dive.

Following the rail to the halfway point through Sandinus Ravine, players should see a gigantic zeugle known as the Mantis, and see a side-path on the right that leads up to the optional boss. The start of that path has two mushrooms for fans to collect.

Near the start of that path should be a dip to a hill away from the rail. If gamers follow it, they should be lead to an abandoned cage and a cart. Three armadillo enemies will be waiting, and fans can either fight them in Tales of Arise’s combat system or run further left of the zeugles behind the buried railcar and find three wheat.

The wheat will come in handy, as the first recipe the player gets as they play through Tales of Arise uses it primarily. Carp and mushrooms won’t be used until a bit later, but for players that want to take advantage, ingredients always grow back. Revisiting Sandinus Ravine every so often to gather supplies may be a good option for players to take if they wish to grind EXP on easy enemies at the same time.

Tales of Arise is available now on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

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