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Tales of Arise: Every Armor Set For Law (& Where To Find Them)

Law may be one of the youngest party members in Tales of Arise, but he’s every bit as deadly as his fellow freedom fighters. He attacks using nothing but his fists and feet and, for much of the game, relies only on his wide selection of vests to protect himself from foes. Eventually, he does upgrade to a jacket, but, when compared to the heavy mail armor sets of Alphen, this still seems to be something of an unnecessary risk on Law’s part.

As players make their way through Tales of Arise‘s main story, they’ll come across 18 different armor sets for Law. Several of them can be obtained in a few different ways, but the best are typically found either in red chests or at the Training Grounds in Elde Menancia. Completing the challenges required to unlock the training ground sets can be a little tricky, however, so players may want to have a backup armor set in mind until they reach a high enough level.

Bureau UniformOnyx VestSilver Wolf Vest
Zeugle Shell VestTopaz VestStonewing Vest
Amethyst VestNatural VestWolf Leather Vest
Emerald VestJet Black VestSapphire Vest
Kingly VestDiamond VestVest of Secrets
Canine VestZero Impact VestPrismatic Jacket

Bureau Uniform

Physical DefenseElemental DefenseResistance

Where To Find Law’s Bureau Uniform Armor Set

Law will be wearing the Bureau Uniform when he joins the party ahead of the raid on Riville Prison Tower.

Onyx Vest

Physical DefenseElemental DefenseResistance

Where To Find Law’s Onyx Vest Armor Set

Players can purchase the Onyx Vest for 880 Gald from the merchant in Brogen’s Hideout.

Silver Wolf Vest

Physical DefenseElemental DefenseResistance

Where To Find Law’s Silver Wolf Vest Armor Set

Law will have the Silver Wolf Vest equipped when he rejoins the party shortly after they’ve taken down Ganabelt.

Zeugle Shell Vest

Physical DefenseElemental DefenseResistance

Where To Find Law’s Zeugle Shell Vest Armor Set

The Zeugle Shell Vest can be purchased from merchants at inns and campsites for the princely sum of 1,520 Gald.

Topaz Vest

Physical DefenseElemental DefenseResistance

Where To Find Law’s Topaz Vest Armor Set

Players will receive Law’s Topaz Vest armor set for completing his novice-level solo battle at the Training Grounds in Elde Menancia. It can also be purchased for 1,760 Gald from the merchant at Viscint’s inn.

Stonewing Vest

Physical DefenseElemental DefenseResistance

Where To Find Law’s Stonewing Vest Armor Set

The Stonewing Vest can be purchased from merchants for 1,520 Gald once players have arrived in Elde Menencia.

Amethyst Vest

Physical DefenseElemental DefenseResistance

Where To Find Law’s Amethyst Vest Armor Set

Players can purchase the Amethyst Vest for 2,464 Gald after they’ve arrived in Niez.

Natural Vest

Physical DefenseElemental DefenseResistance

Where To Find Law’s Natural Vest Armor Set

The Natural Vest can be found in a red chest on the second level of the Mobile Fortress Gradia.

Wolf Leather Vest

Physical DefenseElemental DefenseResistance

Where To Find Law’s Wolf Leather Vest Armor Set

Players will be able to purchase the Wolf Leather Vest for 4,560 Gald after arriving in Thistlym.

Emerald Vest

Physical DefenseElemental DefenseResistance

Where To Find Law’s Emerald Vest Armor Set

The Emerald Vest can be purchased at the inn in Pelegion for 5,280 Gald.

Jet Black Vest

Physical DefenseElemental DefenseResistance

Where To Find Law’s Jet Black Vest Armor Set

Law’s Jet Black Vest is in a red chest in the main tower of Del Fharis Castle. The room with the chest is near the entrance to the castle’s north tower.

Sapphire Vest

Physical DefenseElemental DefenseResistance

Where To Find Law’s Sapphire Vest Armor Set

Law’s Sapphire Vest can be bought for 7,720 Gald from the merchant in the outside area of Berg Volcano.

Kingly Vest

Physical DefenseElemental DefenseResistance

Where To Find Law’s Kingly Vest Armor Set

Players can find Law’s Kingly Vest in a red chest in the Spiral 3 Central area, not far from the path that leads to the upper level.

Diamond Vest

Physical DefenseElemental DefenseResistance

Where To Find Law’s Diamond Vest Armor Set

Law’s Diamond Vest is handed out as a reward for completing his advanced solo challenge at the Training Grounds in Elde Menancia. Alternatively, players can buy the vest from the merchant in Lenegis’ Civilian Park Zone for 9,550 Gald.

Vest of Secrets

Physical DefenseElemental DefenseResistance

Where To Find Law’s Vest of Secrets Armor Set

The Vest of Secrets is in a red chest in Iglia Wastes not far from the location of one of the six bonus owls. To reach it, players will need to use Dohalim’s vine-growing map action.

Canine Vest

Physical DefenseElemental DefenseResistance

Where To Find Law’s Canine Vest Armor Set

In order to find Law’s Canine Vest, players will need to head to Gegham Helgarahi on Rena. The armor is in a red chest on the second floor of the upper level in Zone 1.

Zero Impact Vest

Physical DefenseElemental DefenseResistance

Where To Find Law’s Zero Impact Vest Armor Set

The only way to get hold of Law’s Zero Impact Vest is to complete his ultimate solo challenge at the Training Grounds in Elde Menancia.

Prismatic Jacket

Physical DefenseElemental DefenseResistance

Where To Find Law’s Prismatic Jacket Armor Set

Law’s final armor set, the Prismatic Jacket, can be found in a red chest inside the Light Astral Energy Separator on Rena.

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