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Terraria: The Twins Boss Guide

The Twins are your introduction to Hardmode bosses in Terraria, beaten first like you would beat Eye of Cthulhu at the start of the game. The two eyes have different attack patterns.

Retinazer, the red eye, fires lasers, while Spazmatism, the green eye, fires cursed flames. The Twins are pretty much essential to boss progression, as they drop materials and resources that you will need to handle the later stages of Hardmode. This guide covers how to summon The Twins, how to get prepared to beat them, and some tips for normal, Expert, and Master mode.

How To Summon The Twins

There are two ways to summon The Twins: first, by destroying a Demon or Crimson Altar on your world, which is a necessary step to get Hardmode ores to spawn. Once you’ve defeated it for the first time, if you want to fight it again you need to use the Mechanical Eye boss-summoning item at night.

  • Crimson and Demon Altars must be destroyed to allow progression in Hardmode. Destroying an Altar spawns a Hardmode ore, like Titanium.
  • The Mechanical Eye is crafted with three Lens, Lead or Iron bars, six Souls of Light, at a Mythril or Orichalcum Anvil.

The Twins must be defeated by the end of the night or they will despawn, much like the Eye of Cthulhu.

How To Defeat The Twins

The Twins are essentially an upgraded version of the Eye of Cthulhu, with added ranged attacks. Like the Eye, the Twins also alternate between two attacks: their ranged attack and the charge attack, where their mouths open and they zip around the screen.

Here are some general tips to make the fight easier in regular Normal mode.

  • You should really focus on one of the eyes first. Sending both eyes into their second phase is almost guaranteed death, especially if you’re playing on the harder difficulties.
  • Out of the two, it’s probably a good idea to focus on Spazmatism (the green one) because its attacks deal debuffs and can be harder to dodge.
  • You don’t need a complicated boss arena for The Twins. Just a long, flat platform will do the job. Pair that with some extra mobility, even the regular old Hermes boots, and you should be able to outrun and dodge most of their ranged damage.

Once you’ve defeated The Twins, it’s time to move on to the other two Mechanical Bosses: The Destroyer and Skeletron Prime. Out of the three, The Twins are the easiest thanks to the simple boss arena and the ability to take it down with basic Hardmode weapons, or even weapons you have leftover from pre-Hardmode.

The Twins Tips For Expert And Master Mode

Like every other boss, The Twins get a lot harder in Expert and Master mode, with extra health and damage as standard. Here’s some extra info on what happens to the bosses, and how to tackle the fight.

  • The lasers in Hardmode get a lot faster in Expert mode. They’re harder to dodge and deal more damage, increasing as Retinazer’s (the red eye) health depletes. You need decent mobility for this part of the fight. Lightning Boots, or something better, are essential.
  • Spazmatism gets an increase to its Cursed debuff, lasting literally twice as long if you get hit. Its second phase also charges around much faster.
  • Getting your hands on a Hardmode ranged weapon is a huge advantage. This isn’t always easy to do, but something like the Marrow or Ice Bow makes the fight much easier.

What Do The Twins Drop?

Here’s a list of what The Twins drop.

  • Soul of Sight, between 25-40, is used to craft a huge range of items, from the Pickaxe Axe to the Drax. Most of these items require between 5-10 Soul of Sight, although you may need to kill The Twins multiple times to craft everything that uses the Souls.
  • Hallowed Bars, the starter Hardmode bar, are used to craft lots of different items, including the Ancient Hallowed Set, the Excalibur sword, and the Drax. Hallowed Bars are dropped by all three Mechanical bosses.
  • The Twin Mask, a vanity cosmetic item.

As of Terraria 1.4, the Journey’s End update, there have been some changes to The Twins. They now drop the Pair of Eyeballs and Twins Relic in Master Mode, and as of both of the eyes are now immune to poison damage.

You can check out our Boss Progression Guide for more information on how to progress through Hardmode. Alternatively, check out our best build guides to prepare yourself for Hardmode. Ranged and Mage work well in this fight, particularly.

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