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The Latest Progress On Rust For The Linux Kernel

While the Rust programming language support for usage within the kernel isn’t landing for the Linux 5.15 merge window ending this weekend, that effort remains ongoing. A status update on the effort was shared this week about Rust usage for the Linux kernel.

Miguel Ojeda as one of the lead developers involved in the Rust for Linux effort — and currently working on the effort under contract for Google — presented at this week’s virtual Linaro Connect conference on the effort.

There has been the RFC patches for adding in the Rust infrastructure support and at least a basic/dummy driver, but so far that effort hasn’t landed — however, it’s more of a when it will land rather than if it will land.

Those interested in Friday’s presentation can find the recording embedded below along with the PDF slide deck.

See more of the Linaro Virtual Connect 2021 Fall sessions via for some interesting technical videos for the weekend.

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