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The Sims 4: Paranormal Investigator Career Guide

Ghostbusters could do it and now, thanks to the paranormal investigator career, the Sims in The Sims 4 can also build their living as a professional paranormal investigator. In this line of work, they will be dealing with ghosts, cursed objects, and specters on daily basis. However, this job isn’t for the faint of heart so before the Sim decides to take the plunge and become a paranormal investigator, they should not only do their homework but make sure they’re ready.

This career can be both dangerous and challenging, if not done right, but the rewards and the experiences gained from it are well worth it. Luckily, there are ways how to make sure the Sim will survive doing this work in one piece and the players won’t have to choose a different type of job for their Sim.

Starting The Career

Unlike many other jobs and careers in The Sims 4the work of a paranormal investigator is for freelancers. That means that the Sim will be making their own hours and working on a gig-based system. They also won’t be paid daily but only receive their payment once they finish their gig.

However, what remains the same, is the way how to procure the job. The Sim can find it on their computer or phone. They will need to join the career of a freelancer, and from there, they will be able to choose what they want to specialize in.

Get The License

What makes this freelance career different is that unlike writing or painting, for example, the Sim has to get a license before they start dealing with the paranormal. One way how to get the license is to visit a haunted house and talk to Guidry who appears at night. Alternatively, they can summon Guidry by using the séance table.

But to do that, the Sim has to increase their Medium skill to the fifth level. Once Guidry appears, all the Sim needs to do is tell him they want to become a paranormal investigator (which happens to be Guidry’s former job while he was still alive) and they will get the license from him.

A second method how to get the license involves buying it in the rewards store. However, it’s not cheap as it costs 3000 thousand satisfaction points.

Finding The Gigs

Once they have their license, the Sims can start working as paranormal investigators. Similar to other freelancer careers, they will need to find gigs. There are three possible career paths to follow. Beginner Paranormal Investigation doesn’t pay as much as the two others but the spirits the Sim will face are friendlier.

Adept Paranormal Investigation is the middle road, and the spirits are mysterious. And if the Sims are looking for a true challenge, they can go for Expert Paranormal Investigation that has a higher pay but also evil spirits who can be dangerous. Just like with usual freelance careers, it’s only possible to work on one gig at a time.

Doing The Gigs

The next logical step is to do the gig. Once again, its structure is similar to other freelance careers. The Sim has a bar of tasks they need to do before finishing the gig. What all the gigs have in common is that they unsurprisingly take place at night when the ghosts and specters have a free reign.

The gigs start at 9.30 pm and it’s necessary to finish them before 6.30 am. A good thing is that unlike the acting gigs, for example, this career allows working every single night should the Sim be inclined to do so! And they will still have enough time to do other things over the day.

What Each Gig Entails

Each gig in this career is a bit different but overall, the Sim can be expected to do one of the following things. They will have to exorcise the haunted lot. That means they will either have to destroy evil things, expel them, or perform ceremonies (exorcism). The things to destroy are accursed objects and the player can remove them simply by clicking at them and having the Sim clear them up.

Getting rid of the spirits is a bit more complicated. It’s possible to ask them to just leave, offer them a gift the Sim made or offer them a piece of the Sim’s soul. However, giving the spirit a part of the Sim’s soul isn’t a good idea since it takes away a few days of the Sim’s life. Instead, if the Sim has a high enough medium skill level, they can use the séance circle and increase the so-called spiritual harmony of the haunted place.

Level Up The Medium Skills

Other than the basic steps each paranormal investigator should follow, there are a few extra tips that can help the Sim who wants to join this career and be good at it. Leveling up the medium skills not only gives the Sim the chance to get the necessary license but will also make their job easier.

This skill has only five levels, unlike the usual ten, so it doesn’t have to take long to level it up to the maximum level. It helps if the Sim is already a spellcaster since they will level up faster, but human Sims can also achieve level five fast. The medium skill will help to communicate with the spirits once doing the job which will make it more simple for the Sim to stay safe and earn money.

Get The Brave Trait

Other than working on the medium skill, another thing that’s worth doing is getting the brave trait. Facing ghosts and specters is scary but the paranormal investigator has to keep their calm and not lose their head if they want to succeed at their job. The brave trait will help them do just that.

It’s possible to buy this trait for 3000 satisfaction points which – like the license for 8000 points – isn’t at all cheap but it will come in very useful in this career. If the Sim simply doesn’t have that many satisfaction points but they still need the brave trait, they can change their lot’s trait to a haunted place, and learn how to be brave simply by facing ghosts in their home on a regular basis.

Guidry Can Help

There’s no shame in getting help if the Sims feel like the gig is getting over their heads. One possible way how to get help is to use the séance circle and call Guidry to the lot, but only if the Sim has already met Guidry before.

Once Guidry arrives, he can help the Sim by giving them some useful items or a piece of advice. Another unexpected helper who can get rid of a furious specter is Bonehilda. Beware, though, that she and Guidry don’t exactly see eye to eye.

Make A Lot Of Homemade Gifts

Some spirits aren’t so bad and will leave once they get a homemade gift from the Sim. They will even leave the Sim a gift in return! So the Sim should always have spare homemade gifts handy. They can make gifts such as baked food, juice, candles, things they knitted, and many more.

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