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The Way That League of Legends Rankings Are Calculated Could Be Changing Soon

As one of the most popular multiplayer online games in the modern gaming world, The competitive scene for League of Legends has thrived at both at the professional and amateur level throughout the game’s ten-plus years. Players of Riot’s massively popular title that helped define the MOBA genre often flock to the game’s competitive Ranked mode, looking to prove their skill and climb to the upper echelons of competitive play. League of Legends’ professional scene has blossomed from a small tournament circuit into fully-supported regional leagues with salaried players.

Since its launch in 2009, League of Legends has built a competitive scene that has expanded significantly from the early days with the elo-based system. Riot has introduced divisions within each Ranked tier, promotion series for players looking to climb for the next rank, and competitive team events like the popular Clash tournaments. However, one of the biggest complaints players often field about Riot’s Ranked system is the way player progress is determined. A patent recently filed by Riot Games suggests that the game may be seeing significant changes to how its ranking system is determined.

A recent patent filed by Riot Games for “Dynamic Event-Based Ranking Methods and Systems” suggests that Riot may be looking at overhauling League of Legends‘ ranked system. The patent suggests a ranking system that would determine player progression within Ranked games based on a number of factors outside of the team performance. The description suggests the idea of “individual player outcomes and contributions” as a factor for determining a player’s ranking and score following the conclusion of a match.

A new ranking system would be the most recent in a long line of changes and updates made to League of Legends with the intent of improving the game’s competitive environment. Riot Games recently announced their intent to disabling League of Legends‘ ‘All Chat’ feature in an effort to reduce cross-team toxicity. Riot also frequently looks to change the in-game experience of League of Legends during each competitive season with recent announcements for Preseason 2022 announcing a new pair of elemental dragons joining the game.

Recent projects from Riot Games outside their flagship title have sought to expand the League of Legends universe, both inside and outside the world of gaming. Titles like Legends of Runeterra alongside the upcoming The Ruined King look to offer players a different experience from the standard MOBA gameplay within League. Riot has also collaborated with Netflix to produce Arcane, an animated League series, scheduled to premiere next month. Riot has put in the work to position League of Legends as one of the premiere franchises in gaming and the franchise continues to grow with each passing day.

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