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The Witcher Already Hinted Who Ciri Will Choose Between Geralt Or Emhyr

Netflix’s The Witcher season 2 finale revealed Ciri’s biological father, Emhyr, is alive and acting under the pseudonym, The White FlameThe Witcher‘s season 2 ender also revealed that Emhyr (Bart Edwards) is desperate to be reunited with his daughter just as it becomes clear that Geralt (Henry Cavill) has fully accepted Ciri (Freya Allan) as his own, and the pair have become family. This revelation that Emhyr is now on the hunt for Ciri sets up his quest to reunite with his daughter for The Witcher season 3 – but the series has already hinted at who Ciri will choose between her biological father, Emhyr, and her father figure, Geralt of Rivia.

The Witcher season 2, episode 8, “Family,” sees Ciri possessed by Voleth Meir. During her possession, Ciri is trapped in a vision of her parents, with the fake version of her father stating, “you belong with us,” in an attempt to coerce Ciri to stay. However, Geralt’s voice can also be heard saying, “We belong together” – setting up a hard choice for the princess of Cintra.

Ultimately, it is Geralt’s statement that breaks Ciri’s attention away from her fatherly apparition and solidifies her decision to return to Geralt rather than stay with her parents – revealing who she will likely choose once again in The Witcher season 3. This is the first time Ciri chooses Geralt over Emhyr, and, poignantly, it is her chosen family of Geralt that she returns to. During the vision, Ciri also states, “I have to go home” to her biological parents, again choosing to return to Geralt. As a Law of Surprise child, Geralt and Ciri are destined to find each other; however, Ciri’s statement confirms that Geralt is her chosen family, and she sees him as her home and where she belongs. The Witcher, season 2, episode 8’s title “Family” further cements this idea, indicating that Ciri chose to return to the Witchers she now considers her kin.

Despite this revelation for Ciri, The Witcher season 2 finale ends on an even bigger bombshell reveal with Emhyr’s admission that he is now hunting down his daughter. Following the confirmation that Ciri has Elven blood, it is not only her father who will hunt her in The Witcher season 3, but also Nilfgaard. Emhyr even reveals he ordered the killing of Francesca’s Elven baby to bring him closer to finding his daughter. It seems Emhyr will stop at nothing to reunite with Ciri; however, it also seems Geralt will stop at nothing to defend her. During The Witcher Unlocked, series showrunner Lauren S Hissrich discussed the early revelation of The White Flame as Ciri’s father and the fact that this reveal means the show can “dig into Emhyr and why exactly he wants his daughter back so badly.

This hints that season 3 will uncover why Emhyr wishes to reunite with his daughter, with Geralt and Ciri likely stood in staunch opposition to this reunion. The Witcher season 3 is therefore likely to follow Ciri, Geralt, and Yennefer as they face what is destined for them. In season 2’s finale, Geralt states the three are destined to be together, and that destiny should not be avoided. So far, it is clear that Ciri has a solid relationship with Geralt, and after choosing him over her own biological family, she will likely continue to do so in the upcoming seasons.

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