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Torrei Hart Says She Isn’t Dropping Her Ex-Husband’s Last Name Anytime Soon

Torrei Hart may no longer be married to her ex-husband Kevin Hart, but she sure does plan on keeping the “Hart” last name.

The comedian and actress revealed the interesting bit during an interview with Too Fab on Oct. 12 where she explained why she decided to hold on to Kevin’s famous surname.

“‘Cause it’s mine, first of all,” she said flat out while leaving LAX airport. “Second of all, ’cause Kevin never asked for it back — he don’t want [me] to give it back, he’s not trippin’. And third of all: my kids don’t want me to change my name.”

“That’s something that people always ask me,” she continued. “And I’m like: That’s my name — get over it! They’re gonna always have something to say, but I’m gonna be a Hart until I decide not to be. And that’s just what it is.”

While Kevin’s last name may be famous throughout the entertainment industry, Torrei said she still has to work incredibly hard to land gigs.

“… If you’re not doing the work, what good is the name?” she explained. “I do the work, I hustle every single day. So I can have the Hart name all day, but if I’m sitting on my ass and not working, you think people are gonna give me opportunity? I get the opportunity because I get out there; I network, I’ve been training, I put in the word — Like ‘Yo, this project looks like it could fit me…’ Like, I hustle.” The busy actress has starred in a number of films including 2015’s American Bad Boy and 2017’s But Deliver Us From Evil.

Torrei and Kevin jumped the broom in 2003 and later filed for divorce in 2011 after the comedian was accused of cheating, according to Yahoo News. The star appeared on The Real on Oct. 15 where she revealed how difficult it was to watch Kevin build a family with his current wife Eniko Hart following their divorce. “I went through a breakthrough, and let me tell you; it’s not like it was all peaches and cream because it wasn’t. I mean, there was times where I was like ‘God I don’t want to be here anymore.’ Because the divorce was very public, and I also had to watch him move on with a whole ‘nother woman and a whole ‘nother family,” Torrei said while promoting her new podcast “Breakin Thru with Torrei.”

Luckily things didn’t end on terrible terms between the former lovebirds. Torrei gave Kevin props for helping her to seek therapy after their split. The Fatherhood actor introduced Torrei to celebrity life coach Iyanla Vanzant who helped her to experience a big emotional “breakthrough.”

“Before the breakthrough, I did hit a rough patch, and like I said before, me and Kevin are friends. I reached out to him for help, and he put me in touch with Iyanla Vanzant, who became my personal therapist … That’s part of the reason why I am having this big breakthrough,” she added.

Now, the ex-husband and wife work to co-parent their 16-year-old daughter Heaven Hart and 13-year-old son Hendrix Hart together.

Watch the interview with Torrei below.

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