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TRON Foundation Is on a Roll, Joins TRON Ecosystem

  • TRON Foundation congratulates on joining its ecosystem in a tweet.
  • will launch its first NFT on-chain display in two days.
  • It will be about the ‘KAWS’ work ‘Untitled (KIMPSONS)’.

One of the global top 10 cryptocurrency exchanges —, is joining the TRON Ecosystem. TRON is a sophisticated blockchain ecosystem established and developed by blockchain developers all around the world. To highlight, it adheres to the ‘Decentralize the Web’ ideology.

As we can see, the TRON foundation team shares the news in a congratulatory tweet today. Specifically, it says that the exchange platform has joined its ecosystem. This means that DApps will become fully compatible with the TRON blockchain.

In the official statement, TRX also shared that will launch its first NFT on-chain display of the ‘KAWS’ work ‘Untitled (KIMPSONS)’ on September 15, 2021.

Justin Sun founded TRON in September 2017 and has since achieved several milestones. As of now, the TRON public chain is one of the most secure public chain systems.

In particular, the blockchain is noteworthy because it operates in a decentralized network setting where data production and storage are not reliant on specific individuals or groups. Thus, data integrity is guaranteed by encryption.

TRON Foundation and will work together to provide even more value to its users while also advancing decentralized technology.

To conclude, TRON has fast become a serious competitor to other blockchain ecosystems. With over 1,000 DApps already on its ecosystem and a daily transaction volume of over $12 million, TRON cements its position as one of the industry leaders in distributed ledger technology.

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