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UFC shocked by brutal KO in Pereira vs Strickland: He’s a killer

Brazilian MMA fighter Alex Pereira knocked out Sean Strickland at UFC 276 in Las Vegas with a resounding left hook to the chin that saw the American go down in the first round.

The shocking clip of Pereira‘s KO just over two and a half minutes into the bout has gone viral on social media, with Strickland uploading a video on Instagram to offer his take following the fight.

“Well, that sucked,” said Strickland.

“You never want to be someone’s highlight, but that’s the game you play.

“During the round, I kept thinking this was going to be an easy fight. I see everything this guy’s throwing, I’m getting the better of the exchanges. I’m gonna beat this guy up for three rounds.

“Hats off to Alex, he’s a f**king killer.”

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