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Vegan activist Tash Peterson says she’s willing to go to jail to stop ‘animal holocaust’

Notorious vegan activist Tash Peterson will fight disorderly conduct charges over a graphic semi-nude protest in the city, despite posting the protest on Instagram.

Peterson has vowed to continue protesting even if it costs her freedom.

The animal rights campaigner admits she covered herself in her own blood and protested, wearing only a G-string, through Perth’s Louis Vuitton store.

In court on Monday, she told a magistrate she’ll fight the charge of disorderly conduct.

“I don’t believe that I’m guilty because I’m standing up for the most oppressed beings on this planet,” she said.

Police allege Peterson stormed the high fashion store in the CBD on August 21, smeared in what she claimed was her own blood.

Tash Peterson outside court on Monday.
Tash Peterson outside court on Monday. Credit: 7NEWS

Asked if she thought her form of protest would change people’s minds about eating animal products, she answered with an emphatic yes.

“I think disruptive activism is the most powerful weapon for social change,” she said.

“There’s no stopping until the animal holocaust ends.”

Peterson returned for another protest at the store 10 days later, prompting protective bail forcing her to stay at least 20 metres from the store.

The men who allegedly filmed the stunt were also charged and will face court this week.

Peterson said she was “definitely” willing to go to jail for her beliefs.

Her legal battle will be funded by her page on OnlyFans, where people pay to watch explicit content.

Peterson said she earned about $40,000 per month from the site.

Animal rights activist Tash Peterson at Louis Vuitton on Sunday (left) and on August 21.
Animal rights activist Tash Peterson at Louis Vuitton on Sunday (left) and on August 21. Credit: Instagram/vganbooty

After her court appearance, Peterson took to Instagram.

“I had my court appearance this morning – I will be back in court on the 5th October … and intend to plead not guilty to both charges,” she wrote.

“I’m here to speak on behalf of the trillions of animals subjected to rape, enslavement, torture, abuse and murder, not to be disorderly or violent.

“Right now in this moment, the most innocent beings on this planet are experiencing the largest and longest holocaust in history.”

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