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Vegans rejoice! KitKat launches V chocolate bar in New Zealand

A popular chocolate bar that’s a favourite among those with sweet tooths is now available for vegans to enjoy.

Nestle has released its very own vegan chocolate called KitKat V.

The new plant-based bar is just like the original four finger KitKat: from the classic crispy wafer to the smooth chocolate coating, but this time without any animal products.

The KitKat, which usually contains cow milk, is purely plant-based and uses a rice-based milk alternative.

The release of KitKat V is part of an ongoing mission from Nestlé to encourage people to embrace more plant-based alternatives.

They say there are many plant-based foods that don’t sacrifice in taste.

Nestle has released its very own vegan chocolate bar called KitKat V. Photo / Supplied
Nestle has released its very own vegan chocolate bar called KitKat V. Photo / Supplied

Nestlé head of marketing confectionery Joyce Tan says they’ve noticed more Kiwis seeking plant-based alternatives.

“We’ve seen so much excitement and anticipation from our fans when plans for the first vegan KitKat were announced earlier this year, so I’m thrilled to share that KitKat V will be in shelves in New Zealand this month.

“With Kiwis seeking out more plant-based alternatives of their favourite products, we set out to create a vegan-friendly version of our iconic KitKat bar. Our team has worked hard to get the perfect balance between the cocoa and milk alternative and have created something we hope all KitKat fans can enjoy.”

The news has been welcomed by vegans around the country who were excited after stumbling across it in supermarkets.

“Very excited for this,” one wrote.

Another added: “It’s soooooo good.”

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