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‘Wannabe’ movie star Amber Heard ‘unaware’ she has lost the trial

Amber Heard is insisting to justify her loss at the defamation trial against johnny Depp, says expert.

In a chat forum Sky News discussed the actress’ delusional traits, declaring they are all ‘tired’ of hearing the same arguments.

“This is a person who is delusional and that is just offensive to the entire court process and all those jurors who gave up their time to weigh in on whether Amber Heard lied. They found she did and with malice and still this wannabe movie star is unaware that she has lost.

“We are all tired of hearing about this case,” they added.

Speaking of her decision for a sit-in, they added: “It was bizarre. A really bad decision. It has done a lot of damage. Heard has hurt victims of domestic violence. They are afraid they won’t be heard.

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