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Where to find glow berries in Minecraft

Glow berries are a new food item in Minecraft, but players may not be entirely certain on how to spot them in a normal Minecraft world.

That’s because there’s a little bit of a catch. Aside from being potential loot found in mineshaft loot chests, glow berries can’t be naturally generated yet in standard worlds in Minecraft 1.17.1.

This is due to them spawning in lush cave biomes, which can only be generated at the moment if Minecraft: Java Edition players create a custom or buffet world, or if Minecraft: Bedrock Edition players toggle on the experimental gameplay setting.

Minecraft: Finding glow berries in lush caves and loot chests

Glow berries are expected to release in full soon as part of the rest of Minecraft's Caves & Cliffs update (Image via Mojang)
Glow berries are expected to release in full soon as part of the rest of Minecraft’s Caves & Cliffs update (Image via Mojang)

If Minecraft players have enabled the necessary settings to facilitate a lush cave biome to generate, there are certain things they can look for in order to spot the biome.

Players should specifically be on the lookout for Azalea trees as well as the small bushes that sometimes accompany them. These trees and bushes, when flowering, sport pink-colored flowers on the leaves and bushes.

The trees also have subterranean root systems, which some players may be able to follow into a lush cave. Azaleas generally spawn above lush cave biomes, so spotting one means a little bit of digging or searching can lead to overgrown caverns.

In a lush cave, glow berries shouldn’t be too hard to spot. They grow on cave vines and glow berries that are ready for collection exhibit large gold glow berries on the vine. Minecraft players can either use the vine or break it, resulting in one glow berry. Pistons or flowing water can also be used to break the vines if preferred.

Outside of the natural generation, glow berries can be found in standard Minecraft worlds due to appearing in mineshaft loot chests.

Mineshafts can generate in any biome in the Overworld, even underwater, and many players spot them somewhat by accident while mining for ores. Within these structures, one may find a minecart with a chest inside.

In both Minecraft’s Java and Bedrock editions, there is a 38.7% chance of glow berries being inside the loot chest. If they do appear, they will do so in groups of three to six berries.

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